Native Food Perspectives

empowers the Native American community by breaking historical trauma and reclaiming indigenous food through cooking, teaching, and integrating food into the whole person.

Brought to you by the Indigenous Food Chef, 

aandakii gweki-biimaadazi

a.k.a. Christina

aandakii gweki-biimaadazi, also known as Christina White, has been cooking for many years and

traveling to different reservations and areas, experimenting with elk, bison, and more.  

Christina is passionate about cooking fresh game; she can filet a fresh caught fish while talking

to you about diabetes and heart disease prevention.  


Christina was trained and mentored with Dream of Wild Health to further her knowledge with

Indigenous Foods.  Food is an important part of the Native culture - Native Food Perspectives takes the

traditional flavors and recipes and prepares them with fresh ingredients and an emphasis on nutrition.

Christina has been a valuable resource used many times to walk along side women

in our program through teaching about Indigenous foods and health awareness.

she is confident and knowledgeable 

Maret - Community Member


Minneapolis, Minnesota