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Mashkiikii Gitigan

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

2020 although being plagued with many challenges and having to re-evaluate and and re-set the growing season at Mashkiikii Gitigan (the Medicine Garden), 2020 turned out to be a time of reflection. Reflecting on those things in life which are so important to me. First, and far most my Spirituality and My Personal connection and relationship with Creator!

At the beginning of the planting season I was just finishing 3 rounds of Chemotherapy in which I had made a conscience decision to not continue with the remaining sessions. I decided to go All Natural (Vegan, no sugar, juicing, supplements), I also spent numerous hours in the sun, putting my hands and feet in the black dirt, being connected to the earth each and everyday, and learning how to hear from Creator during my physical healing was a huge part of my healing process.

This also, brought me extreme Strength Mentally, and Emotionally! As I tilled the ground, preparing the soil, working with the community and the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis. Seeding & planting not only physical seeds, but seeds of knowledge, as I had the opportunity to teach the youth about our seeds. We watched our seedlings grow and flourish as we nourished and cared for them daily, in the same we were nourishing each other. These youth were neighborhood youth who had no prior or previous experience in planting, growing, or really even being outdoors for an extended period of time. These youth taught me so many value lessons during our Spring Garden prep, and how vital it is to nourish each other, especially during a World Wide Pandemic.

It was a Beautiful thing for the whole neighborhood to witness and experience the growth at Mashkiikii Gitigan as it literally transformed over the Spring and Summer, we even had volunteers who would regularly stop through to escape the uncertainty of the Pandemic.

We started the season off with making Medicinal Dandelion Medicines, this was Most Helpful to the community, we laughed and joked as we offically ate dandelion root. Even captured it on Video.

Check out the Video..... at Tina's Indigenous White Series via facebook!

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